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Click here for more on the devastating USA tornadoes that swept through this past week

The above link takes you to a detailed timeline with photos and video of the deadly tornado outbreak this past week.

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Um. Who? You’d have to ask my USA friends… (if you’re from the USA or you know who he is, you tell me).


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11, 14, 24, 33 (any of those!) <- 😛

F-14 <- my 2nd fave movie's main jet 🙂

Why? Because I love the first four with a passion 🙂 Where? Anywhere and everywhere, I'd alternate between what I have already and one of those. The jet would have to be for long distance so probably between England and the USA to visit friends 🙂

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Simple, I’d either be a NASCAR driver or a teacher in prison (in the USA).

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The USA… just me and my car… travelling all across the states.

Listening to music driving down the interstates and highways. Visiting places. Meeting up with people I’ve gotten to know on Twitter. Visiting my pals!

Maybe a visit up to Canada and further up to Alaska!

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I would have it focus on a prison in the USA. “Prison Life” not very classy but it says what it’s about. Main characters would be the prisoners and their daily struggles.

It would be neat to focus on more than one prison.

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