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Here are a few special events/call-signs I know about for today…

2MT – 3.663 MHz – 0900 to 1600 UTC (Chelmsford ARC)

GB4LZP, GB0WHR, GB2COB – Meirion ARS from Welsh Highland Heritage Railway

Porthmadog & District ARS operating from Marconi site at Nebo Anglesey

Telford ARS operating from Marconi site at Tywyn

GB0MBS – 1700 UTC Friday 29th to 2259 UTC Saturday 30th

Many UK call-signs have the special “R” in their call-signs as well so be sure to catch one or two if you can!

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Have just updated the “Hamr Rallies” page. 🙂

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My very good friend, George (W0LMN), has completed his 17m 100 DXCC in only a few months. Click anywhere here for his web-site which will show you an up-to-the-minute live update of his log.

He is now working towards 100 DXCC on 12m!

He is an inspiration to me and other hams who know him 🙂

Good luck George… cookies are on me!!!!! 😉

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Hmmm. Such an easy question but also a hard one. Personally, as my blog description says, “a YL with a soft spot for Westlife and NASCAR”.

YL – is the term given to all females (young or old) in ham radio.
Westlife – if you know me, then you know who Westlife are. If you don’t, go check my videos on YouTube and FlickR or do a Google search!
NASCAR – again, if you know me you know what the fuss is about! If not, go check out NASCAR and if you’re in the UK and have Premier Sports (Sky 433) check it out!

The point of my blog is to post things that interest me and that I hope will interest others whether specifically looking for something or who just happen to come across my blog.

A little bit of ham radio, a little bit of NASCAR, a little bit of Westlife and a whole mix of other stuff 🙂

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