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Hmmm. Such an easy question but also a hard one. Personally, as my blog description says, “a YL with a soft spot for Westlife and NASCAR”.

YL – is the term given to all females (young or old) in ham radio.
Westlife – if you know me, then you know who Westlife are. If you don’t, go check my videos on YouTube and FlickR or do a Google search!
NASCAR – again, if you know me you know what the fuss is about! If not, go check out NASCAR and if you’re in the UK and have Premier Sports (Sky 433) check it out!

The point of my blog is to post things that interest me and that I hope will interest others whether specifically looking for something or who just happen to come across my blog.

A little bit of ham radio, a little bit of NASCAR, a little bit of Westlife and a whole mix of other stuff 🙂

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This is the final couple of laps from NASCAR Aaron’s 499 at Talladega Super Speedway, Talladega, AL, USA.


People ask me why I love NASCAR so much. That’s why!

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11, 14, 24, 33 (any of those!) <- 😛

F-14 <- my 2nd fave movie's main jet 🙂

Why? Because I love the first four with a passion 🙂 Where? Anywhere and everywhere, I'd alternate between what I have already and one of those. The jet would have to be for long distance so probably between England and the USA to visit friends 🙂

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Simple, I’d either be a NASCAR driver or a teacher in prison (in the USA).

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Usually, it’s Westlife. Lately as well it’s been Lady Antebellum and Brad Paisley.

My UK readers will probably have no clue who Lady Antebellum or Brad Paisley are. My USA readers will probably have no clue who Westlife are either 😛 Go look any of them on Wikipedia, then YouTube 🙂

Westlife, as you’ll know from the other blog pages, I’ve been a huge fan of since 1998. Lady Antebellum (called Lady A by some) I discovered back in December 2009. I listen to American radio (UK radio sucks) and heard their song “Need You Now” and thought ‘hmm, pretty catchy’. I saw Westlife in May, June and August of 2010 and one of their support acts, Wonderland (new girl group – 5 girls; 1 English, 4 Irish), started singing a song that sounded familiar. It turned out to be Lady A’s “Need You Now”. Lady A did briefly tour here back in 2010 but are not well known here. It was interesting that Wonderland covered “Need You Now”.

Brad Paisley I discovered on the American radio stations I listen to. Also, this past Sunday was the NASCAR Daytona 500. Brad sang at the opening events. I now have his entire back catalogue via iTunes 😛 (currently cheaper than buying the CDs in HMV!). Again, he is virtually unheard of in the UK.

I also like to listen to house, trance, drum & bass and UK garage to cheer me up. The labels Ministry of Sound and Hed Kandi have a good selection of all of these on their compilation albums.

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1 – NASCAR – Because I just love the sport, the cars, the drivers, the atmosphere, the culture… everything about it.

2 – Westlife – I love them and their music and have done since way, way back.

Most people are probably picking words like “sunshine” or “flowers” but hey the above are my favourite words 🙂

What is your least favourite word?

Spider. Because I am terrified of them and the feeling they give me when I see or hear about one, even typing about them causes me to check around the room. :-/

What word are you entirely neutral about?


For all your word choices, is it how they sound, or what they mean that defines your opinion of them?

With my faves it’s because I like what they are about and yeah they sound pretty cool 🙂

For my least fave word it sounds harsh and horrible with it’s two syllables anyway.

For my neutral word, it’s just what I believe and have experienced and seen it experienced by others.

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