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Uploaded to YouTube 🙂

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Apologies for some of the blurriness, I need to work out the settings on the camera lol 🙂

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Eastbourne, East Sussex, England.

Yup, this is my home town. I still live here. 90 odd thousand population but it doesn’t feel like a big town. We’re a seaside tourist resort with a reputation for attracting the elderly as well as students. Our most famous ‘feature’ is a cliff called Beachy Head which is a notorious suicide spot, people come from all over the world just to commit suicide.

The Seven Sisters cliffs are just along the coast from Beachy Head – these are also famous but not for suicides. Just for being so pretty and the fact there are seven!

We have a pier, two lighthouses (one in the sea, on on land – the one on land is now a B&B), beaches (hardly any sand it’s mostly pebbles), the usual shops and a few places to visit.

It’s about 30-35 mins away from Brighton and an hour and a half from London by train.

The link to the Wikipedia page about Eastbourne is here.

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Now, I won’t normally do this… but due to personal circumstances and not being able to sell one ticket, I am sadly selling both my tickets to Boyzone for Tuesday 8th March (yes, that’s next Tuesday!).

eBay link here

Please only bid if you’re in the UK. I’ll post them special delivery which means next day. So if they sell tomorrow I’ll post them Friday. It they don’t sell tomorrow I’ll re-list for 1 day and post Saturday.

They are tickets for Block A1, which is the front block. Row Q which is 16 rows from the front. Which is very close, I’ve been to the O2 3 times now and know those seats are close.

Even if you are not interested you may know someone who is, so please pass my link on or suggest my blog 🙂

Thanks and apologies for “selling” something!

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