My very good friend, George (W0LMN), has completed his 17m 100 DXCC in only a few months. Click anywhere here for his web-site which will show you an up-to-the-minute live update of his log.

He is now working towards 100 DXCC on 12m!

He is an inspiration to me and other hams who know him 🙂

Good luck George… cookies are on me!!!!! 😉

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You only need to look at Japan to answer that question. Nuclear is a ticking time bomb whether it’s nuclear power or a nuclear weapon. Both cause devastating destruction when things go wrong. I definitely believe nuclear is not the future.

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I have been making collections on my Kindle of books. Even though books are in collections they appear underneath the collections as an entire list of books. There’s nothing I can do about that, I just have to move the books into different collections (like read/unread/currently reading).

But, I have a problem with sorting them on my PC. I download from Amazon itself as well as Project Gutenberg and a couple of other eBook stores. All my downloads go to one folder. I use Calibre to convert formats (if necessary).

I then add all books to Calibre (from the one folder) and sync with the Kindle. Last time I did this a few days ago, I ended up with two copies of a lot of the books.

Help? A friend suggestion this site Kindle Collection Manager, has anyone used this? Should I try it? How do you organise your books on your PC?

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Well, going on Mayan theory, the 2012 movie (which I happened to watch yesterday for the first time) and recent sunspot activity I’d say 2012! But, honestly… I’m not a scientist, a geologist or anything like that. The eruptions from the sun must be doing something to our planet, whether it’s as serious as the 2012 movie portrays it, I have no idea. We’re not near the peak of sunspot activity for this cycle. Either something like sun activity or world leaders blowing the hell out of the world will be the end.

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Like they do anything that quickly normally! Ha!

1 – Scrap the tax on petrol/diesel and bring it down to 50p a litre for both.
2 – Stick 20p on all tobacco products and alcohol.
3 – Anyone caught using their mobile phone, applying their make-up, eating/drinking etc (anything that isn’t what they’re meant to be doing) whilst driving… ban them for 6 months.
4 – Send illegal immigrants back to where they came from. Do not wait til they have escaped into the English countryside… immediately straight back on a boat/train/plane, whatever.
5 – Use the road fund tax on actually fixing the roads.

That’ll do for starters 🙂

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Maybe. I’d use my PC instead 😛 (sneaky, they didn’t mention PC in the subject!).

I don’t use any of those things at work anyway so it wouldn’t make any difference if I was at work. As for home, I guess I’d don my “ham radio” hat and get on the bands and work a few DXCC entities 🙂

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Hmmm. Such an easy question but also a hard one. Personally, as my blog description says, “a YL with a soft spot for Westlife and NASCAR”.

YL – is the term given to all females (young or old) in ham radio.
Westlife – if you know me, then you know who Westlife are. If you don’t, go check my videos on YouTube and FlickR or do a Google search!
NASCAR – again, if you know me you know what the fuss is about! If not, go check out NASCAR and if you’re in the UK and have Premier Sports (Sky 433) check it out!

The point of my blog is to post things that interest me and that I hope will interest others whether specifically looking for something or who just happen to come across my blog.

A little bit of ham radio, a little bit of NASCAR, a little bit of Westlife and a whole mix of other stuff 🙂

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This is the final couple of laps from NASCAR Aaron’s 499 at Talladega Super Speedway, Talladega, AL, USA.


People ask me why I love NASCAR so much. That’s why!

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There are so many times I could have “ranted” on here. I choose not to.

They are pretty much pointless anyway because you don’t get a resolution to the “rant” itself. People that could (and should) help don’t help anyway and by announcing your “rant” to the world just makes it worse because the tens, hundreds, thousands of people who read about it won’t help either and you’ll just end up feeling even worse because nobody cares.

Like the above? See! Rhetorical question!

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11, 14, 24, 33 (any of those!) <- 😛

F-14 <- my 2nd fave movie's main jet 🙂

Why? Because I love the first four with a passion 🙂 Where? Anywhere and everywhere, I'd alternate between what I have already and one of those. The jet would have to be for long distance so probably between England and the USA to visit friends 🙂

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