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I have been making collections on my Kindle of books. Even though books are in collections they appear underneath the collections as an entire list of books. There’s nothing I can do about that, I just have to move the books into different collections (like read/unread/currently reading).

But, I have a problem with sorting them on my PC. I download from Amazon itself as well as Project Gutenberg and a couple of other eBook stores. All my downloads go to one folder. I use Calibre to convert formats (if necessary).

I then add all books to Calibre (from the one folder) and sync with the Kindle. Last time I did this a few days ago, I ended up with two copies of a lot of the books.

Help? A friend suggestion this site Kindle Collection Manager, has anyone used this? Should I try it? How do you organise your books on your PC?

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1. Geri Halliwell – If Only
2. Geri Halliwell – Just For The Record
3. Paulo Coelho – (all his books)
4. Clive Stafford Smith – Bad Men: Guantanamo Bay and the Secret Prisons

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