I guess you came here to read “about” me… well the basics and boring stuff… I’m 28 years old, 6ft tall and “average” weight, I live at home with my parents and our four cats (Maggi, Misty, Murphy and Marmite). I work part-time at ASDA supermarket on the outskirts of Eastbourne.

My three passions in life are amateur radio (aka ham radio), NASCAR (11, 14, 24 and 33) and Westlife 😛

Amateur radio wise I love contesting and DX’ing! Also into IOTA, DXCC, lighthouse activations (ILLW) and special events in general. I’ve just got set-up for digi modes! I’m a member of many YL organisations around the world (BYLARA (East Sussex rep in UK), YLRL, ALARA) as well as the Chiltern DX Club, RSGB, ARRL (Life Member), BARLS, WWYC, ISWL, NAQCC and the UKSMG! Back on the air with a Yaesu FT-950 and 33ft centre-fed wire which so far has let me work Australia, Sudan, Morocco, USA (mostly east coast), Canada, a few Caribbean islands, far flung corners of Russia…

Westlife I’ve been a huge fan of since May of 1998 when they were Westside the support act for Boyzone! I became hooked immediately and started collecting anything and everything on them that I could get my hands on… books, magazines, CDs (general release, promos, imports), videos (general release and promo video single releases), DVDs (general release) and anything else promotional I can find. I’ve seen them so many times now the most recent being the “Gravity” tour 11th March 2011 (O2 Arena) and 27th March (Wembley Arena) both in London.

NASCAR I’ve been interested in since seeing “Days of Thunder” (the Tom Cruise movie) way back in 1990. Back then I had no idea how to watch it or even listen to it. When I started shortwave radio listening I used to regularly pick up AFN (American Forces Network) from Germany on the MW/AM band, in the evening on a weekend I would hear a NASCAR race. I remember being fascinated by it. A few years went by until I got the Internet, 1998/1999 and I discovered NASCAR.com where I could follow things a little more but it wasn’t until 2010 that it was shown on one of the free Sky (satellite) channels here in the UK. What a year of NASCAR it was… amazing to finally watch it live after all those years. I became even more hooked. I am able to watch the Sprint Cup races live on Premier Sports (Sky 433)!

Other interests/hobbies are target shooting, eBay (sussex-coast), astronomy, astrology (I’m a Pisces), Twitter, cross-stitch, watching DVDs, reading (not keen on fiction but anything else is good), photography… oh and blogging 😀

I’ve just gotten back into something I did back in 2003 to 2005… writing prisoners in the USA. It’s incredibly rewarding and you’d be surprised at the kinds of people who do it! I run another blog for a friend which has gotten over a 100 views since we put it up about a month ago. Another blog for a Death Row prisoner will be along shortly.

Music is quite a big part of my life… obviously Westlife hold a lot of memories for me whether it’s through their songs, videos or concerts but I also enjoy listening to a wide variety of music including hip hop, rap, R&B, garage, drum & bass, house, trance, Latino, blues, World, sixties, pop and my two favourite labels Hed Kandi and Ministry of Sound! Other artists I particularly admire are Mariah Carey, Lady Antebellum, Wonderland, Brad Paisley, Sugarland, Jason Aldean, Christina Aguilera, Tupac Shakur, Eminem, Boyzone and Lauryn Hill amongst others!

Fave movies are Top Gun, Days of Thunder, Glitter, Titanic, Smokey & The Bandit, Convoy, Almost Famous, The Fast & The Furious movies, Lord Of The Rings trilogy, 2012, The Day After Tomorrow…

That’s probably enough about me but if I think of anything else I’ll update regularly!

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